Hot Tubs - Where Are You? - Day 2

Western Iceland


First MorningSo we are here, we made it, we slept a lovely night in our first woodland wild camp which we didn't get to see properly until the morning light. It's still above freezing though this is unusual for Iceland as their winter normally starts showing up in September, turn out it held off for us.

We fill up our water in a nearby lake purifying it with a Sawyer filter, though for the most part in Iceland you can get away with not doing that. We were being cautious because of the proximity to more people, the airport, industry we didn't know about (read possible aluminum smelting plants or similar) and the rise of tourism, not to mention those too ignorant to know how to dispose of their waste properly.

What we didn't know was A - Exactly where we would be sleeping later that night or B - where our first hot tub would be?Hvalfjordur Western Iceland

Turns out these things don't matter so much. We had tons of rations from Wayfarer Meals, Organic Rice and lots of Dates, Nuts, Biscuits and of course chocolate. We also had some expedition rations very similar to the M.O.D type, (though how a soldier is supposed to get by on them we didn't know), our version had food for a fight in it just in case.

The drive north was a moody one and we skirted the western fjords in a quietly expectant manner, pleased with the general wild cragginess around Hvalfjordur.

We stopped at Fossarett where you could see the remains of a small settlement. that evening we headed to Borgarnes where we sampled our first hot tub, albeit in the local swimming pool spa.

In Iceland they are sensible, you take your shoes off before entering the gym/spa complex. It's about £9 each but if you're local you can buy a reduced season ticket.

It was dark by the time we left but we were fortunate to find our campsite for the next night again in woods!



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