Prep for the Extreme Hot Tubbing Expedition

 October 2017
The pre-Iceland prep has taken longer than expected. We can confirm it's cheaper to go somewhere hot.
We will be testing mittens (I've written lots of ideas down like 'Open a tin of corned beef with the little twiddly metal can opener' or 'open any tin, anyhow' please feel free to add your own ideas in the comments).
We will also be visiting the most northerly grain growing farm with the 'coolest' crops in the world, except it will be November so it will just be a house somewhere with some people in!
We will be bathing - and camping in Gettislaug (a pool once frequented by Gettis, an Icelandic warrior/anti-hero) just south of the arctic circle.

We have been assisted especially by vast numbers of sheep and geese, (merino and goosedown) and have ensured their well being throughout by only buying from normal humans who are nice to animals.
My sleeping bag for example is made by Tundra - a 'Pure and Dry' version filled with down 'plucked from the nests' of otherwise preoccupied birds.
Wool knickers are back in fashion but you have to choose between your right arm and hypothermia, as if you're wearing your cotton spongebobs instead of paying stupid money you could lose 25% of your body heat through your nether regions - despite the rest of you being smothered by waterproof duvets masquerading as clothes. We are now sufficiently equipt to survive temperatures down to -50. So at the predicted -5, I think we will be too hot.

There are hot pools in Iceland...
We are doing The Most Hardcore, Adventurous, Expeditionary Circuit of Hot Pools in the world.  We've been in preparation for months; cold showers everyday, carrying heavy stuff (shopping) backwards and forwards (to the car).
I can't remember when I last had a bath. It's been challenging (the training) but I set my mind to it; watched Tony Robbins (mainly his knees) and went to see Richard Branson, one of the last remaining optimists.  This is what happens when you find a cheap flight on holiday pirates.
Sue in front of our Iceland Map
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