Our Story

Who We Are

Lou and Sue White; partners in adventure and seeking a healthy lifestyle, created Kish and Mozi to collaborate in their love of travel, art and technology from times past to future innovation.

'To infuse with a sense of right action
To shun the arts of the ignoble'


Our backgrounds are in adventure... Lou has been a hostile environment awareness training specialist and is a qualified survival instructor  and Sue is an avid photographer and Drone operator.

We have a long history of involvement in clean eating, the slow food movement and organic growing. We recently drove the ring road around Iceland wild camping and extreme hot tubbing in November! We visited Icelandic organic food producers and gawped at the Northern Lights in a rental 4x4, whose last trip had been in a river - water was still pooling in the footwell.

Kish and Mozi is founded on the premise that a product should be for life, that innovation begun in the stone age is cartwheeling into the future at a spectacular rate and we want to surf that wave.

Our desire is to share products that maximise our ability to improvise, so we can all learn to travel zenstyle.

What We Do

We have personally minimised our own lifestyle, converting a bus to work off-grid. We like to think about the future and how it might be like Star Trek and whether we could have that sort of harmony and philosophy with technology and nature that demonstrates we aren't locusts or lemmings.

We spend our time figuring how to give more and get less; developing a product range that has been chosen for usefulness and/or meaning.

Our Ethos

  • Leaning towards natural, minimal
  • Towards lean, discipline
  • Towards fierce application
  • Towards internal & external metamorphosis
  • Solutions
  • Cultural & Curious
  • Innovation
  • Ancient to Future
  • Nature and technological harmony
  • Portable Comfort


Customer Services 07513348955 or

info@kishmozi.com with any questions